Adjustment of status may be possible for immigrant after all

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A young immigrant whose story went viral after he complained about mistreatment by detention officials was recently scheduled to be freed. The 20-year-old is disabled due to a leg amputation. He claimed that immigration detention officers who did not know he understood English were making fun of him, saying they were going to insert a broom handle into his leg and use him to sweep the floor. Unfortunately, there has been an adjustment of status in the man’s situation due to revocation of his work permit.

As it stands, the man will now continue to navigate the removal process. His work permit had been granted under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program which is now essentially defunct. Like many immigrants in Florida, that permit was his protection against deportation.

The man was arrested last month as a suspect in supposed human smuggling activity. No criminal charges were ever filed against him in connection with the arrest, however. His recent release was obtained through a $7,500 bond, following a tremendous public outcry on social media campaign for his freedom.

Many say it is cruel and unfair that the man is still being threatened with deportation even though he was not and will not be charged with a crime. Whether a further adjustment of status will be issued remains to be seen. Those in Florida facing similar legal problems may wish to consult with experienced immigration and naturalization law attorneys for guidance as to how best to proceed to properly address their situations.

Source: Newsweek, “Immigrant Who Had Prosthetic Leg Mocked by Trump Officials to Be Freed After ‘Inhumane’ Detention“, Nicole Rodriguez, Nov. 17, 2017


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