Florida immigrants may agree U.S. immigration law reform needed

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One can only imagine the horror of watching a beloved family member being led away in handcuffs by a Florida immigration officer. U.S. immigration law has been a debatable topic for some time now, with many immigrants and immigrant advocates calling for reform, especially where high numbers of detentions are concerned. A family in another state knows all too well what immigration detainment is like.

The husband and father in this particular family also happens to be a U.S. military veteran. He was kept in an immigration detention facility for 18 months. He was not allowed to post bond.

The detainment led to the army veteran’s deportation. He had no choice at that time but to address the matter from abroad. In the meantime, his wife struggled to make ends meet in the United States, holding down three jobs at once. His daughter is said to have experienced severe emotional trauma during the separation from her dad. Many immigrant supporters have decried the situation as unjust and have expressed opinions saying immediate reform is needed at the federal level to prevent more families from suffering such losses.

The man was able to navigate the U.S. immigration law system from abroad and was recently reunited with his family in the United States. Many other immigrants are still fighting for their rights in various situations pertaining to threats of deportation. Any Florida resident seeking legal clarification on such issues or wanting to reach out for support can request a meeting with an experienced immigration law attorney to discuss his or her situation.

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