Vatican getting involved in Katie Perry real estate disputes

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Singing superstar Katie Perry is a favorite of many Florida pop music fans. Perry’s name is often associated with controversial news stories due to risque stage performances, although some may be surprised to learn the latest headlines regarding Perry concern real estate disputes over bids to purchase a religious convent in another state. Perry is taking on a powerful real estate developer, stating she already agreed to purchase the property from the Archdiocese in that particular region before the other interested party placed a counter-offer to the nuns who reside at the convent.

The Archdiocese supposedly agreed to allow Perry to purchase the convent for a little more than $14 million. In came another offer, however, directly to the nuns for nearly twice the amount. The question is who has selling rights over the convent?

The powerful real estate developer working with the nuns says the only reason her higher offer is not being accepted is because she did not communicate her desire to buy the property to Archdiocesan officials. She further stated she believes the nuns are being punished for disobeying authority. A California high court does not seem to agree with her assessment as made evident by a recent ruling, ordering her to pay $5 million in legal fees to the Archdiocese and Perry.

The Vatican is now being drawn into the real estate disputes. Some say the developer hopes to pull the rug out from under Perry’s case by appealing to the pope himself. Any Florida resident currently involved in similar real estate disagreements may seek assistance from an experienced real estate law attorney. Aggressive litigation is often key to successful outcomes in such cases.

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