Adjustment of status changes may impact many in Russia

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Some time ago, Russia cut the number of people working on a U.S. diplomatic missions staff there. The United States countered the move by halting the non-immigrant visa program throughout the Russia. Many people in Florida arrived here with non-immigrant visas. Not having this type of adjustment of status available would likely affect hundreds of thousands of people in this state and elsewhere.

The United States ultimately restarted part of the non-immigrant visa system in Russia; however, only visas that did not require interviews would be processed. U.S. consulates in three Russian cities are now set to resume non-immigrant visa interviews  as well, in the near future. This news may be welcomed by many who hope to receive permission to come to the United States on a temporary basis to study, work or conduct business.

A person may only enter the United States under one status at a time. Therefore, it is crucial to understand all the eligibility requirements and laws and regulations that pertain to a particular visa ahead of time to avoid complications or legal problems down the line. It is also sometimes possible to bring a spouse or unmarried minor child when one travels to the United States under non-immigrant visa status.

As many Florida immigrants already know, seeking adjustment of status, even if one already possesses some type of visa, is often challenging. Any number of obstacles may arise that delay one’s application or cause more serious issues, such as threat of deportation once a person is already living and working in the United States. This is why it is typically a good idea to seek guidance from an experienced immigration law attorney when planning to apply for an immigrant or non-immigrant status change of any kind.

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