Know where to turn for help to avoid foreclosure

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Many Florida residents are currently facing legal problems that pertain to real estate law. Such laws vary by state and may greatly impact one’s ability to purchase or sell a particular property or to save one from foreclosure. With regard to the latter, it can be very scary to face a direct threat of losing a home when a financial crisis hits and one is unable to keep up with mortgage payments.

Foreclosure is a process, not a one-time event; in fact, it is often possible to halt the process once it has begun. There may be several options available to restructuring a payment plan or implementing another debt relief provision that helps the individual retain ownership. Knowing where to turn for support ahead of time can prevent a lot of stress if a serious problem arises.

An attorney who is well-versed in real estate law can be a great asset to have on hand when attempting to avert foreclosure. Most attorneys are skilled negotiators, which means your attorney can act on your behalf to communicate with your lender in the hope of finding a solution to your problem that avoids litigation and creates a solid plan for repayment of your loan without losing ownership. Also, if a problem can’t be resolved without going to court, an experienced attorney is always fully prepared to litigate an issue as needed.

Various debt relief processes, such as bankruptcy, halt foreclosure in its tracks. There is no one solution to every financial crisis problem; the trick is to find the most viable option to suit your particular situation. If you are currently worried about losing your Florida home to foreclosure, you may request a meeting with Cuevas, Garcia & Torres, P.A., to explore all available solutions to your problem.


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