Man’s struggle for adjustment of status through asylum not over

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There are currently many immigrants in Florida facing serious problems related to threat of deportation. They may relate to the story of a man and his son who are fighting a similar adjustment of status battle in another state. Their situation began when the father, a news reporter, fled his country of origin in fear for his life.

The man had apparently told of corruption within the military in his home state. When he learned their was a price on his head, he fled to the United States and requested asylum. He and his son both spent time in separate detention centers upon their arrival here before being released while their cases were processed.

Nearly a decade has passed since then. Earlier this year, the man received an award from the National Press Club for his work in calling out corruption in a location that is known to be a high-risk area for American journalists. None of that seems to have helped him secure residency, however, as he now sits in detainment once again after recently being handcuffed and taken into custody, along with his son, when he showed up for a required appointment with immigration officials.

The man says he greatly fears being forced to return to his country of origin, which evidence suggests is even more dangerous for people like him now than when he first escaped threats on his life. He also says he will not give up in seeking adjustment of status through asylum for himself and his son. An attorney is intervening on the man’s behalf. A Florida immigration law attorney can come to the assistance of anyone facing such problems in this state.

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