Famous brothers each dealing with recent foreclosure issues

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Most people in Florida (and anywhere for that matter) would agree that 34,000 square feet makes for quite an expansive home. In fact, one of the largest private homes in this state is apparently that size and belongs to Ronald “Slim” Williams, brother of rap star, Bryan “Birdman” Williams. The brother have each recently faced foreclosure problems on their homes.

Birdman’s situation is still being hashed out. The lender is threatening to take ownership of his $14.5 million home on Palm Island. Slim’s situation has apparently been resolved. He was accused by his homeowners’ association of owing thousands of dollars in quarterly fees.

When Slim allegedly did not respond to requests to make good on the payments, the associated initiated foreclosure proceedings against him. Since the music business mogul was said to have paid at least $7 million for his home, speculation circulated that a mere $9,000 in homeowners’ fees should not pose a problem. As it stands, Slim reportedly made the payment, and the association has since agreed to halt the foreclosure process.

Paying the $9,000 appears to be the option Slim deemed most viable to avoid foreclosure of his Florida home; however, there are often several options available to those facing similar financial problems. Much depends on the details of a particular situation and the ultimate goals a homeowner has in mind. An attorney with debt relief experience can provide counsel and assistance to anyone seeking to avoid foreclosure or overcome other serious finance-related problems with respect to one’s real estate holdings.

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