U.S. immigration law crackdown leaves family devastated

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A 14-year-old boy was preparing for his first game as a member of a football team. He was beyond excited that his father would be there to watch. Those plans sunk into oblivion, however, when the family’s day unfolded in a way much different than they’d planned. The father ran into major problems with U.S. immigration law officials regarding his undocumented status. Many immigrants in Florida face similar problems.

The father is known as a good provider for his family. In fact, he reportedly works three different jobs to make ends meet at home. He entered the United States as a teenager many years ago. He says he was fleeing for his life at the time because his then girlfriend’s family (known drug cartel members) were trying to kill him because they did not approve of the couple’s relationship.

As a teenager, the man did not understand the process he would have to go through to stay in the country lawfully. However, he did stay and wound up marrying his girlfriend, having several children and building a life for himself and his family. That all changed when immigration officers came to his home and arrested him the day of his son’s football game.

Officials say they were following up on information claiming the husband and father was in possession of a stolen car. Following his arrest, police reported no further information regarding the car; only that the man had already been deported in 1998 and did not have paperwork for re-entry. These types of U.S. immigration law situations are often traumatic for Florida families and others. Such issues can often be resolved by relying on experienced attorneys for support.

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