US immigration law situation heats up

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Florida immigrants may be among others who are concerned about a recent sweep of detentions that occurred in the nation. Some say U.S. immigration law officials appear to be targeting a particular group of people. It seems all those detained throughout the nation had one thing in common: They are immigrant activists.

A non-profit group called Detention Watch Network says it has been keeping an eye on the situation. Several of the detainees happen to be prominent leaders of immigrant advocacy in various states across the country. One spokesperson said evidence suggests ICE officers are trying to make examples of these activists to intimidate them and to get others to keep lower profiles.

When questioned about the situation, an ICE official said in no uncertain terms that there is no targeting taking place against immigrant activists. The official also said, however, that they are targeting immigrants who pose a threat to public safety, national security or safety at border patrols. ICE says those activists who were recently detained all happen to have criminal records.

With tensions rising between immigrant advocates and the current presidential administration, this U.S. immigration law situation has merely added fuel to the fire. One immigrant, who has been deported in the past but re-entered the country legally, says he works hard, pays taxes, never misses an immigration appointment and has caused no trouble after 15 years of supervision and doesn’t understand why he is being targeted at this point in time. Any Florida immigrant facing similar problems regarding threat of deportation may seek immediate support from an experienced immigration attorney.

Source: The Washington Post, “ICE has detained or deported prominent immigration activists“, Maria Sacchetti, David Weigel, Jan. 19, 2018


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