When it rains it pours: Condominium facing more water problems

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Stepping into a new position as president of a commercial complex with a long list of existing complaints and liens against the property would sound to most Florida residents like a very stressful job. But that’s just what happened to a man who took over as president of a large condominium complex in another state. In fact, when he assumed his position, he was facing problems regarding nonpayment of water and sewage bills, broken windows and stairs, and life-safety code violations among other complaints.

Resolved to rectify the issues, the new president began by paying more than $11,000 in liens for the water and sewage complaints. He was dismayed when, even after satisfying the debt, the condominium’s water supply was not turned back on. Instead, town officials told him  he would have to install individual water meters in each living unit.

The condo president said this request was not fair as carrying out the task would cost approximately $18,000. A water and sewer superintendent stated that most condos nowadays are fully equipped with individual water meters in each unit. As it stands, the entire condominium is run on the same water meter.

Town officials say installing individual meters would save money because single meters are charged at commercial rates. The condo president said he has no problem installing the meters, but the cost is way too high and needs to come down first. He said it is not fair that the complex had no water for 10 months, then was suddenly hit with a mandate where officials are not willing to negotiate a fair price. Florida condominium disputes of this nature often necessitate the helping hand of a savvy attorney to resolve.

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