Younger generation weighs in on US immigration law issue

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Millennials recently voiced their opinions regarding various immigration topics. U.S. immigration law is definitely a controversial subject. In addition to contentious partisan debates in Florida and across the country, many people disagree about existing statutes and proposed reforms. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program has been a main source of discussion for some time now.

When surveyed regarding whether the government should support DACA-based paths to citizenship, a majority of participating millennials say yes. Many young adults also say they think immigrants with no criminal records should qualify for status adjustments that would allow them to remain, living and working, in the United States. Not all millennials agree, however.

Some say all immigrants residing in the United States without legal documentation should be immediately deported. Others argue that this approach is far too broad  and unaccommodating to those who may have resolvable problems associated with their current undocumented statuses. For instance, sometimes clerical errors or other solvable problems result in lack of proper legal status.

U.S. immigration law remains complex and often changes. Navigating the system can be extremely stressful, especially for immigrants with significant language barriers. Florida immigrants and their families may take comfort in knowing that support is available through experienced immigration and naturalization law guidance. An experienced attorney can act as a personal advocate for any immigrant trying to avoid deportation, preparing to attend an official immigration hearing or otherwise trying to resolve a particular problem associated with his or her current legal status.

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