Man charged with DUI now facing US immigration law problem

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Many Florida families currently have one or more members facing immigration-related problems. Sometimes, U.S. immigration law and criminal law intersect when a person gets arrested and charged with a crime and the situation impacts his or her legal status. That seems to be the case for a man in another state who was recently involved in an incident that wound up being published by livestream on Facebook.

The man was taken into custody for suspected DUI. A particular company helped him pay bond to secure his release. What happened after that has people up in arms. The man was arrested and taken into custody by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials; in fact, his arrest was filmed and then posted on Facebook.

The man who did the filming says he feels justified in his actions because he was with officials when they received a tip from one of the man’s relatives that he did not have immigration paperwork in order and was planning to escape back across the border before his criminal case was fully processed. An immigration advocate who spoke against the livestream video said the film shows the man being bullied and tormented during the arrest process. She said such acts are despicable, but it’s even worse to publish live film of the incident on a social network site.

Such situations may occur in Florida or any other state, and usually result in a lengthy legal process because U.S. immigration law is quite complex. If a person needs assistance to navigate the immigration legal system and/or the criminal justice system, especially when a situation applies to both sectors, an experienced attorney can provide strong support. Although circumstances may get worse before they get better, there are often viable options to positive solutions to such problems.

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