News journalist facing serious U.S. immigration law problems

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Many Florida immigrants understand what it’s like to encounter complications regarding their legal statuses. Some have even been separated from family members when Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents led them away to detention centers. Recent news headlines include the story of a news reporter whose release from a county jail led to serious U.S. immigration law problems. 

The journalist had been arrested but was later released when the charges against him were dropped. Instead of freeing him, his jailers handed him over to ICE officers, who then transported him to an immigration detention facility, where he remains at this time. Immigrant advocates have come forward to speak out against the incident, saying ICE is employing unfair practices and trying to suppress this man’s right to free speech because he published negative comments regarding ICE officials’ treatment toward certain immigrants.  

As part of that effort, the Southern Poverty Law Center filed a petition on the man’s behalf, requesting his immediate release. This reporter is not the only immigrant activist who was detained shortly after speaking out against ICE. Other journalists have purportedly received some form of retaliation by the immigration agency. In the past, ICE has defended its agents, saying they act in accordance with the law to carry out their duties as necessary.  

Florida immigrants facing U.S. immigration law problems need not try to resolve their circumstances on their own. There are many support and advocate groups in place that can offer assistance. An immigrant may request a meeting with an experienced immigration and naturalization law attorney to explore what options are available to avoid deportation or obtain a solution to some other immigration problem

Source:, “Immigration reporter Manuel Duran is the latest immigrant detained after revealing ICE abuses“, Dina Radtke, April 17, 2018


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