Employment immigration changes announced

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Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen recently made an announcement that might make many Florida immigrant families quite happy. The current administration has reportedly adapted the employment immigration program to include an additional 15,000 available visas for non-agricultural, temporary workers. In the past, such visas were issued on first come, first serve bases and were capped at 66,000. 

The most recent disbursement of H2-B visas was done through a lottery, which apparently led to some workers facing application denials. Secretary Nielsen said that prior programs were designed to protect American workers. She also stated that the administration acknowledges that reform is needed so long as additional visas in no way harm American businesses or workers.  

Many business owners previously lamented that the shortage of available H2-B visas caused them to suffer great economic loss. It is not uncommon for business to increase during summer months in Florida, especially, where many tourists come to visit. However, some business owners say they are really short-handed and could use help from willing immigrant workers who want to come to the United States on a seasonal basis.  

There are various eligibility requirements and other strict regulations that must be fulfilled in order to apply for employment immigration programs or other visa-related visits to the United States. Trying to evade set protocol or falsify documents to achieve a certain end places an immigrant at great risk for serious legal problems. Those currently facing visa problems in Florida may reach out for legal support at any time.

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