Employment immigration process may take several years

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A green card allows the holder to work and live in the United States on a permanent basis. Many green card holders in Florida have secured their statuses through the employment immigration system. The process is definitely not for the faint of heart, however, as it typically involves a lot of paperwork and can take years to be fully resolved. 

It is often possible for the spouse and/or minor children of a green card holder to obtain equal status. A prospective employer must also submit various documents, including a labor certification form as a sponsor of the individual in question. The purpose of the form is to verify that no U.S. citizen has been willing or available to apply for the position the immigrant plans to fill.  

Once appropriate forms are filed, it must be determined whether the green card seeker should apply for an adjustment of legal status or go to a consular processing center. This determination is made based upon the physical location of the applicant at the time. Those already in the United States would seek adjustments of statuses while those living abroad would go through the consular process.  

Because employment immigration regulations are complex, and various extenuating issues may impact a particular person’s application, it’s often best to seek legal representation to help prevent obstacles. A Florida immigration law attorney knows what steps to take to try to overcome application or status problems. Most applicants feel more confident when they have experienced attorneys advocating for them.

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