Being proactive may help overcome threat of foreclosure

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Florida residents are not immune to financial challenges. In fact, most people in this state and beyond have experienced financial upset at some time in their lives. Such crises are usually temporary and can be overcome if one knows how to access available resources to help restore financial stability. Some situations are definitely more serious than others, such as those involving possible foreclosure.  

Worrying about losing one’s home is undoubtedly a high-stress issue. Especially if a homeowner has children, the thought of a lender taking possession of the home can be quite troubling. The best thing to do is try to remain calm and take a proactive stance to review the situation and implement strategies that may help turn the tables in one’s favor. A good first step to take is to take a thorough, honest look at one’s finances.  

There may be ways to cut back on spending or create more cash flow so that making timely mortgage payments is once again a feasible option. It often helps to contact a lender to ask whether a particular payment plan can be renegotiated. Lenders typically want to avoid the foreclosure process as much as homeowners, and many are willing to devise new payment plans if they are convinced that homeowners are sincere in their efforts to satisfy their debts.  

If it looks like foreclosure is imminent, a homeowner may be able to stop the process through a short sale. There are also various forms of debt relief that halt foreclosure in its tracks. To determine a best course of action, a concerned Florida homeowner can discuss his or her situation with an experienced attorney who can help protect one’s personal rights and execute a plan that maximizes chances for a favorable outcome.  


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