ICE officials arrested man who sought adjustment of status

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Thousands of immigrants choose Florida as their final destinations in the United States. Many go on to seek adjustment of status by applying for green cards after marrying U.S. citizens. A man in another state who not only is married to a U.S. citizen but also has two children born here is in danger or deportation after a recent incident at a military base.  

The man works for a pizza delivery service and says he has delivered food the military facility many times in the past without any problem. For some reason, the guard on duty that day did not accept his ID, which, he says, is the same ID he always shows when he delivers food there. Instead of being allowed to carry out his duties, then leave, he was taken into custody and set in line for immediate removal.  

An emergency stay has since been granted and the man is now being held in an immigration detention center, while his family works to try to secure his release. He had already applied for a green card and was taking all necessary steps to obtain permanent residency. Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York (which is where the situation unfolded) has requested an immediate investigation of the matter and also appealed to high-ranking officials to try to secure the man’s immediate release.  

The governor said he intends to exert all efforts necessary to help protect immigrant workers. Florida families currently facing similar problems concerning adjustment of status or other immigration issues may seek support by asking an experience immigration attorney for advice. This is often the first step toward rectifying immigration-related problems.  


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