US immigration law is the focus of immigration detention incident

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Thousands of immigrants will likely arrive in Florida this year with plans to build new lives in the United States. Many who do so are accompanied by one or several family members, often parents with children who are minors. Following U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ announcement that plans are being made to change U.S. immigration law to increase the number of arrests at U.S. borders, many immigrant advocates became concerned about the negative implications such changes will have on young children and infants who will be separated from their parents.  

A senator from another state was apparently concerned enough that he took a camera crew to visit a particular immigration detention facility. The center is run by a non-profit program that set up shop in an old Walmart building. The senator says he was denied entry at the door of the facility but was told to wait outside so a manager could come out and speak with him.  

In the meantime, law enforcement officers reportedly arrived on the scene. The senator explained that he is concerned that no Congress official has toured the facility. He said there are likely hundreds of children inside who have been taken away from their parents.  

A Department of Homeland Security spokesperson said the U.S. government has a protective system in place that ensures safe treatment and processing of immigrant families with children. Any Florida resident currently facing problems related to U.S. immigration law can explore possible solutions by speaking with an experienced immigration and naturalization law attorney. Such discussions often prompt the first steps toward positive outcomes. 


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