Girl in Florida involved in US immigration law incident

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There are several immigration detention centers in Florida. U.S. immigration law requires detentions in various situations, such as when an adult or minor cross a U.S. border without proper paperwork. However, there have also been many situations where immigrants with green cards or other documentation that shows their presence in the United States is lawful have been taken into custody by Immigration Customs and Enforcement agents.  

A teenage girl who had been residing in a Florida detention center for minors apparently thought it was worth the risk to try to escape when detention officers were recently transporting her to an eye doctor appointment. She is said to have fled their custody, winding up in a local auto body store. The owner of the store said the girl burst in and crouched down in a corner to hide.  

Store officials provided food and water to the child but said no matter what they did or said, she refused to come out of her hiding place. Local police officers eventually showed up and placed the girl in handcuffs, despite her pleas to not be taken back to the detention facility. Those who witnessed the incident said the young lady appeared to be quite frightened. 

The store owner’s sister was able to converse with the teenager in her own language and said she also secured immigrant advocate assistance on her behalf. Florida attorneys who are well-versed in U.S. immigration law often provide support to people in similar circumstances. Reaching out for legal support may increase one’s chances of obtaining a positive outcome. 



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