Real estate disputes escalated into dangerous situation

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2018 | Real Estate Disputes |

When a Florida property owner enters a leasing contract with one or more parties, it is critical that the terms of the lease be understood by anyone and everyone signing the agreement. Lack of clarification can lead to real estate disputes down the line. While most disagreements are easily resolvable, some unravel into contentious, and even dangerous situations.  

An incident in another state has led to criminal charges against a particular man (and several others) who had apparently agreed to lease a property. The real estate broker who recorded a $1,000 deposit given by the man reportedly became a victim of a violent attack regarding the issue. The person who paid the deposit is said to have changed his mind and asked for his money back.  

Whether or not a lease deposit would be refundable depends on the exact terms of a particular contract. This is why it’s critical that anyone planning on signing a real estate agreement first seek clarification of applicable laws and also make sure he or she clearly understands the terms of the agreement. In this unfortunate incident, an alleged assault took place, and the real estate broker and another person who was with him suffered serious injuries. They had apparently been traveling to meet the other man to return his deposit to him when their vehicle was surrounded, and a group of men reportedly attacked them.  

Real estate disputes in Florida or elsewhere are usually resolved without violence. In most successful cases, it is because one or more parties retained experienced legal representation to help solve a particular problem. Anyone currently facing lease or other contract problems may reach out for legal support at any time.  


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