Real estate disputes send 2 bakers packing

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2018 | Real Estate Disputes |

Many Florida business owners rent the properties that house their companies. As such, they are bound to signed rental agreements with landlords. If real estate disputes arise, it can not only delay production and profits but can prompt a need to shut down altogether.  

That’s what recently happened to a savory chef and his wife, who also happens to be a culinary specialist. The two are co-owners of a successful bakery that has multiple stores in various locations. Regarding the couple’s flagship property, which they were renting, a problem surfaced when they were unable to negotiate fair terms for a renewed lease.  

The bakers say their landlord informed them she’d be raising their rent in the new lease. They were not opposed to the idea, noting that it is par for the course over time. However, they requested that certain repairs and structural improvements be made to their business in exchange for paying higher rent. They also say their landlord verbally agreed to the proposed terms but then backed out and told them they had a little more than a month to vacate the premises.  

Florida business owners who make verbal agreements will first want to seek legal clarification of such issues if they hope to avoid real estate disputes like this one. In certain circumstances, verbal agreements are legally enforceable. Those with extensive experience in such matters would not only recommend written agreements over verbal contracts at all times but would also tell business owners it is best to obtain legal representation before entering any type of business deal.  


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