Will father of 2 be deported because of US immigration law?

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2018 | U.s. Permanent Residency |

Florida residents who came to live in this state from other countries may relate to a recent situation that continues to unfold in Miami. A woman who has two children has reportedly been staying with relatives after fleeing her country of origin due threats of violence. She sought asylum when she arrived at a U.S. border with her son, as U.S. immigration law allows.            

Asylum, like most other immigration processes, takes time. It is not uncommon that those who seek protection in this country against violence or other situations in their homelands are detained until their cases are fully adjudicated. Recent developments in U.S. immigration law are expected to make it possible for parents and children to stay together.  

However, when the woman’s husband and daughter entered the United States, those changes had not yet been made. The woman said her husband’s departure from Guatemala was sudden and not according to the plans they had devised. The girl was separated from her family for many weeks. She has since been reunited with her mother and says she never wants to be separated from her again.  

The couple’s U.S. immigration law problems do not appear to be over. The woman says she is quite worried that officials will deport her husband, and that if he returns to where they came from, his life will be in great danger. Other Florida immigrants have found solutions to similar problems in the past by turning to experienced immigration attorneys for support. 


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