Area in another state seems plagued with real estate disputes

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2018 | Real Estate Disputes |

Those who live in Florida full time, as well as others who own time shares or simply rent properties in the state every year when vacationing with their loved ones, may encounter challenges from time to time regarding their real estate contracts. For investors, residents and renters alike, real estate disputes can cause high levels of stress and, in some cases, undermine profitability efforts. A particular region in another state appears to be having a lot of real estate problems.

All of the disputes in question involve local businesses in the same geographical location. One business has been a popular Tex-Mex restaurant for approximately five years. Customers were likely quite disappointed to recently learn that their favorite fare will no longer be available because the company is closing its doors.

Owners issued a public statement saying how disappointed they are that they were not able to achieve a reasonable deal to renew the lease on the property. The statement said they gave their best effort, but due to lack of successful negotiations, they are being forced to close up shop. A soda fountain shop, a bakery and an ice cream company have apparently experienced real estate problems of their own in the same region.

The ice cream store owner was accused of city code violations by the landlord of the property. A rent increase is what pushed the bakery store out of the neighborhood. The good news for Florida residents and business owners is that real estate disputes are often avoidable or resolvable if those involved act alongside experienced legal representation to prevent or solve problems.


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