Real estate disputes over building ownership in another state

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A medical building has been up for sale for several months in another state. However, complications have arisen regarding real estate disputes between several parties who claim to have ownership interests in the property. Building owners in Florida who are part of partnerships and are currently facing similar problems may want to follow this case.  

The building has been on the market since April and is listed for $2 million. One doctor who claims to have controlling interest is now being sued by several other physicians who say they also own the building. They have filed a lawsuit against the other doctor because he has breached an agreement. The plaintiffs say the defendant initially held a 20 percent stake in the building but increased his own share to 50 percent so he could sell the property.  

The doctor is also accused of diverting funds from the partnership and other financial offenses. The doctor has adamantly denied the allegations against him, saying his fellow physicians and partners are using the lawsuit as a tactic to try to stop the sale of the building. He has further conjectured that the doctors are worried they will have to relocate under new ownership, and he believes this has prompted their actions.  

The doctor says he offered to sell the medical facility to the three other doctors, but they declined the purchase. The central focus of the real estate disputes is whether or not the doctor indeed has a valid 50 percent interest in the property and whether or not he listed the building for sale without first consulting with his partners. An experienced real estate law attorney would be a great asset to have on hand for any Florida property owner facing similar contract problems.  


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