Update: Death threats made in recent US immigration law situation

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It was recently reported that a girl of minor age escaped immigration detention and hid herself in a Florida auto body shop until local police found her and took her into custody. The U.S. immigration law situation has apparently created some serious safety problems for the auto body shop owner and his family. In fact, the business owner says he has received hundreds of death threats since the incident took place.  

The local shop owner told reporters that death threats started pouring in by phone not five minutes after news of the situation spread. He said people called his shop and also posted threats on various social network sites, using profanity against him and threatening to blow up his business. The man also said many people have threatened to kill him, his 93-year-old mother and other family members.  

The man has adamantly stated that he is not the one who called police to tell them of the young girl’s whereabouts. He says he believes many of the threats are being made because the public has been led to think he notified authorities. The man said immigration detention officials are the ones who called 911 to report that the girl had escaped from custody on her way to a doctor visit.  

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has dispatched agents to investigate the alleged death threats that continue to be made against the Florida auto repair shop owner and his loved ones. The girl who had fled to his store is currently back in detention at the same temporary shelter where she had been held before her escape. U.S. immigration law problems like this are emotionally upsetting for all involved, and anyone in need of assistance can tap into local resources for support.                                                                                                               


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