Former NBA star facing real estate disputes

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NBA fans of old in Florida and beyond are typically quite familiar with John Stockton. While Stockton enjoyed a successful career as a point guard for the Jazz, he has encountered legal problems in other areas of his life, in particular in a situation where he and another man had purchased property. Real estate disputes arose when an investment company that apparently also had plans to buy the same property filed a lawsuit against Stockton and his co-buyer, Todd Brinkmeyer.

The lawsuit contends that Stockton and his buying partner made it clear that they weren’t interested in the property because they believed it couldn’t be developed due to nearby wetlands. The lawsuit further states that the plaintiffs were in the process of purchasing the land for $2.4 million when Stockton and Brinkmeyer impeded the sale by buying the property out from under them. The plaintiffs claim the duo did so after learning how valuable the land actually was.

Stockton and Brinkmeyer are accused of taking steps to conceal their transaction. Those who had planned to buy the property say they transferred their purchase to a limited liability corporation. The claim filed against these two men also asserts that they used a phantom entity and property easement to cloud the title of the land in order to impede the initially proposed sale to the investment company.

When a Florida attorney is tasked with representing a seller or buyer regarding real estate disputes, things can get quite complicated regarding various state laws and actions that may have been taken by either side. An experienced attorney is well-versed in property laws and can protect a client’s rights and interests. Anyone currently facing a property dispute in this state may reach out for immediate legal support.


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