US immigration law officials say man is wanted for homicide

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Any woman in Florida who has ever given birth understands how stressful the process can be. If extenuating circumstances arise to add to the inherent stress of childbirth, an otherwise joyful and exciting event can become a frightening experience. That’s what happened to a woman in another state when she was left to drive herself to the hospital in labor after U.S. immigration law officials took her husband away.

The woman said her husband had been behind the wheel of their car a few moments earlier. They stopped at a gas station, and their vehicle was suddenly flanked by several other cars. Surveillance cameras from the gas station show the woman’s husband being handcuffed and led away. She had to drive herself the rest of the way to the hospital, where she gave birth to the couple’s fifth child, all of whom have been born in the United States.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers say the man is wanted for homicide in Mexico. However, Mexican authorities reportedly stated that they have no record of such issues. No U.S. immigrant advocate has been able to substantiate the claim that there is a warrant out for the man’s arrest from Mexico.

The woman has asked that U.S. immigration law officials release her husband, stating she and her children need him now more than ever. ICE officials said no one who enters the United States without proper paperwork is immune from possible arrest. In this particular couple’s case, both spouses are undocumented but have been living, working and raising a family in the United States for many years. A Florida immigration attorney can provide support to anyone facing removal in this state.


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