Florida couple facing US immigration law problems

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2018 | U.s. Immigration Law |

A Florida woman recently told reporters that she and her husband were merely trying to do the right thing when they showed up for an immigration marriage interview. They had awaited their interview date for approximately three years. The woman said she was quite confident all would go well; however, it did not, and she is now distraught that U.S. immigration law officers arrested her husband and have separated her from him.  

The woman is a U.S. citizen who has been with her husband for four years, married for three. The couple reportedly came to the interview well prepared with documentation to prove the legitimacy of their relationship. They carried photo albums containing wedding pictures and more, as well as printed statements from their jointly owned bank account.  

During the interview, the woman was asked to leave the room where her husband was at the time. She obeyed the instruction and soon-after learned that Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers had stepped in to arrest her spouse. She was later told that the arrest was made because of a deportation order from years ago that was unresolved against her husband.  

The woman said she and her son are disabled and they greatly rely on the support and income her husband provides for their medical and daily life needs and that she is worried what will happen to them if her spouse is deported. This married couple is definitely not alone in their struggle as there has been an increase in similar arrests throughout Florida. An ICE spokesperson said that there are no longer exemptions under U.S. immigration law that protect certain classes or categories of people from potential enforcement regarding removal. Anyone facing such problems can reach out for legal support at any time.  


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