Newly proposed law would deny citizenship to many immigrants

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Immigrants arriving in Florida often have unique goals for themselves and their loved ones. Some come to the United States to study, others to start their own businesses. The ultimate goal for many immigrants is citizenship.

A doctor that provides medical care for hundreds of immigrants in this state says he is worried that a newly proposed law could cause children to be placed at risk regarding their health care. This is because the law would deny citizenship to anyone who uses public assistance programs, such as food stamps or Medicaid. The doctor says parents are afraid and, therefore, are less likely to seek medical attention for their children when they need it.

U.S. immigration law can be quite confusing, especially for those who have language barriers or even for U.S. citizens who have no legal background in immigration and naturalization law. The reality is that the newly proposed law is only directed at adults, not their children or dependents. However, the physician stated that most parents may not understand that and will simply stop seeking health care and other benefits altogether rather than risk immigration law problems, especially impediments to their paths toward citizenship.

The citizenship process involves taking a test to show that one possesses knowledge of basic U.S. history, the English language and the basic concepts of how the federal government functions. It is understandable that Florida immigrants hoping to obtain citizenship would want to avoid anything that might stall their plans. If a man or woman is worried about a new law or a legal status issue, he or she can request a meeting with an immigration attorney.


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