Recent Florida real estate disputes not over after all

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2018 | Real Estate Disputes |

Even after a Florida court hands down a ruling, it does not guarantee that litigation will end. In many situations, such as real estate disputes, if one or more of the parties involved believe a ruling to be unfair, an appeal can be filed. That is what happened following a recent breach of contract situation. An appeals court judge has now remanded a portion of the summary judgment that was issued in a lower court.  

The case includes two sales wherein the brokers involved say they were never paid the obligated commission for the sales. The brokers say there were two companies involved in the sales and that one of them attempted to reassign its commission obligation to the other before the property purchases were closed. The deal was closed, however, without the commission being paid to the brokers.  

The brokerage firm filed a lawsuit against the first company for breaching a contractual provision to pay commission but also against the second company for failure to pay commission to which it was assigned at the time of closing. The appeals court judge stated that breach of contract was not clear in the complaint regarding the second company’s obligation under reassignment to pay the commission. The judge has remanded the summary judgment and has ordered further proceedings.  

Numerous parties often have a lot at stake when real estate disputes like this arise. Florida attorneys who are well-versed in real estate law are used to addressing such complex issues in court. Having an experienced attorney by one’s side often increases the chances of obtaining a favorable outcome.


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