U.S. immigration law officials concerned about inmate suicides

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There are numerous reasons that cause agents to arrest Florida immigrants. When a man or woman is placed in detention, he or she may be released after a short time or may have to remain in the immigration detention center for weeks or even months. While U.S. immigration law includes specific regulations regarding how detainees are (and are not) to be treated by detention officers, there are many people who have come forward to say there is widespread neglect and abuse in detention facilities throughout the nation.  

In a detention center in another state, there have been three interrupted suicide attempts since 2017 and another attempt that resulted in an immigrant’s death. Detainees apparently braid their bed sheets and hang them from ventilation systems inside their cells. It is a recurring problem that immigrant advocates say officials are not taking seriously, even though it violates federal safety rules.  

Some believe lack of proper medical care and other issues of neglect and abuse are causing despair among detainees, who then decide to try to take their own lives rather than remain in detention. One man who is no longer in detention told of returning to his cell one day to find his cellmate dangling from twisted bed sheets. Thankfully, guards cut the sheets loose in time to save the man’s life.

One person came forward to say this is a big problem about which U.S. immigration law officials need to do something. Guards are supposedly aware of the braided sheets hanging in cells, but they laugh it off and nothing is done to improve safety at the detention facilities. Any Florida immigrant currently facing problems in a detention center can be proactive toward his or her own safety by reaching out for legal support to protect his or her rights.               


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