Environmental protection agency facing real estate disputes

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2018 | Real Estate Disputes |

The Florida Everglades are a fragile ecosystem. Based on this fragility, the Department of Environmental Protection denied a landowner permission to conduct exploratory drilling there. That decision led to real estate disputes that are now headed for oral arguments under appeal.

The situation first unfolded in 2017, when an administrative law judge granted permission to the landowner to do an exploratory oil drilling in a particular section of the Everglades. As per administrative law, the recommendation went back to the U.S. Department of Environmental Protection for final action. However,  the department subsequently denied the permit under its administrative rules. The landowner, who reportedly is a prominent property owner in Broward County, has since filed an appeal with the 1st District Court of Appeal.

The EPA said it has not granted exploratory permission in the Everglades since the 1960s. The appeals court is now scheduled to hear oral arguments in Jan. 2019. It remains to be seen whether the exploratory oil well will be approved for the Florida wetlands preserve, which include over 1.5 million acres at the southern tip of Florida. 

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