Man sent to dentention while seeking adjustment of status

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2018 | Adjustment Of Status |

Florida readers may relate to an ongoing immigration situation involving threat of removal. In January, a man who had emigrated from another country of origin was submitting an application for citizenship at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services center in another state. He was seeking an adjustment of status, but the application process did not go as planned. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers took him into custody in connection with a 2010 deportation order.

In October, an immigration judge ruled that a $10,000 bond could secure the man’s release from detention, pending full process of his deportation case. Immigrant advocates speaking on behalf of the man have stated that he fled his native land in fear of violence. There is still a chance that the ultimate outcome of the situation may lead to his removal from the United States.

It is a complex situation, as many legal status cases are. Each case is unique, and those that involve past immigration problems are often the most complex. When ICE has detained someone, it is often helpful for that person to reach out for legal support rather than try to rectify his or her situation alone.

There are many valid reasons for seeking adjustment of status in Florida or elsewhere. There are also many federal regulations that may apply to a particular situation. If the federal government believes an immigrant has acted against such regulations, it may take weeks or even months to resolve the situation. Chances of obtaining a favorable outcome are typically better for those who act alongside experienced legal representation in court.


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