Real estate disputes erupt regarding home renovations

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Some people in Florida make profits by buying old homes, renovating them, then relisting them on the real estate market. A man in another state has been in the process of updating a home he purchased for $32,000 cash some time ago. Progress on the project has been delayed by unexpected real estate disputes, which the man says he does not quite understand.

The home in question was built approximately 90 years ago. After paying cash for the house, the new owner invested approximately $90,000 in renovations. He said he began the work in 2017 and often works 12 to 15 hours per day at the property; he sleeps there as well, which is why he does not understand why officials from a local historic commission claim they have had trouble getting in touch with him.

The officials say the man has done work on the house that is not in compliance with regulations regarding historic properties in the area. The commission has threatened to place a lien on the property if the owner does not comply. One of the issues has to do with the design of the front door; however, the man says the design the commission wants him to uphold was not even on the door when he bought the house. According to him, it thus makes no sense to try to enforce a code the commission had not been enforcing before he owned the home.

The homeowner involved in the real estate disputes said he is new to the state where the property is located but has had great success in another state, flipping houses. The man said if the city plans to continue treating him this way, he will not invest another cent in the economy there and will take his business elsewhere. An experienced Florida real estate attorney can help an homeowner in this state settle differences with city officials in as fair and agreeable a fashion as possible.


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