Real estate disputes often involve boundaries

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There may Florida property owners facing legal problems at this time regarding boundary lines. Numerous boundary issues can prompt real estate disputes, especially if a situation arises where a land survey will not resolve the problem. To avoid such problems, however, it is always a good idea to order an updated land survey before erecting a fence or other structure near a neighboring property in order to determine an accurate boundary line.

In situations where the answers are unclear, the court’s intervention may be sought so that the judge overseeing a particular case can determine boundary lines. Some property owners agree to sign quitclaim deeds that list physical objects, such as tree lines or fences as division lines between their properties. Complications can arise if someone other than the owner has been using a section of property for a number of years under a claim of right.

This type of situation may fall under adverse possession rules. There are certain issues, however, that would eliminate the ability to claim adverse possession. When neighbors disagree over property lines or use of property, it can lead to arguments, which can in turn result in litigation if one or both parties takes the matter to court.

Real estate disputes can be difficult to resolve because various extenuating circumstances may affect a particular situation. This is why it is most helpful to rely on an experienced Florida attorney to solve boundary line problems or other legal issues involving private or commercial property. One of the first things an attorney can do is review all documents pertaining to a case to help determine a best course of action.


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