Adjustment of status goals: Becoming a US citizen

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When an immigrant arrives in Florida, it may with plans and dreams to start a business, get married and raise a family in the United States or to file an application to become a U.S.citizen. The latter is the ultimate adjustment of status goal in many immigrants’ lives. It can be a stressful process, and it helps to know where to seek support when needed.

Part of the citizenship process includes a naturalization interview. The mere idea of this is enough to make many people’s stress levels skyrocket. Having to sit in a room with an official immigration interviewer and answer questions regarding documents and status, as well as having to take a U.S. history test and prove one’s ability to read, write and speak English, can cause immigrants to feel overwhelmed and worried as to whether or not they will be able to achieve their goals.

To increase the chances of a positive outcome during a naturalization interview, it helps to be on time, first and foremost. It’s always a good idea to note the date and time of the interview when a notice to appear arrives in the mail. Rescheduling an appointment is often possible but typically causes substantial delays in the citizenship process.

In addition to being prompt (as in arriving at least 30 minutes early) for an interview, it also helps to have all paperwork and pertinent documents in order. Also, the interviewer will be asking a lot of personal questions, so one should be prepared to talk about his or her background at length. Any number of legal problems may arise during the adjustment of status process, which is why many Florida immigrants stay closely connected to experienced immigration law attorneys from the time they file their applications to the moment they recite the Pledge of Allegiance and become full-fledged citizens of the United States.


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