Family facing US immigration law problems has community support

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As Christmas draws near, many Florida families are getting ready for celebrations they will have with their relatives and friends. Many immigrants will be celebrating their first holidays in the United States. For one such family in another state, thinking of Christmas might not be so joyful, as it was around that time, last year, when their trouble began regarding U.S. immigration law.

At that time, a husband and father of three was ordered to leave the United States. He has been living, working and raising a family in the United States since 1992. He sought sanctuary in a church in the state where he lives and his community has been quite supportive of him; in fact, many people have been actively protesting the situation, calling upon the U.S. government to issue a stay in his deportation orders.

A spokesman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement recently reported that the man’s request for stay has been denied. ICE has an office in a federal building in the Connecticut city where the situation has been unfolding. Nearly 300 people are said to have physically blocked the entrance to the building by chaining themselves to each other and to large barrels nearby in protest of the recent decision to deny the stay.

The man’s three children are U.S. citizens. Those speaking in support of the man say the U.S. immigration law situation has caused psychological damage to his children. One of the protest rally’s organizers said the group want to see the man return home to celebrate Christmas with his loved ones. There may be families in Florida facing similar legal status problems who may benefit from reaching out for experienced legal support at this time.


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