Family of the POTUS’s son-in-law facing real estate disputes

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Jared Kushner’s family have been entangled in some recent legal problems. The situation pertains to real estate disputes that Kushner Cos., who owns property in another state, has been engaged in with tenants who rent apartments in the building the company owns. Kushner Cos. is owned by the Kushner family. As many apartments in Florida are, these units are rent-regulated; however, Kushner Cos. says it was not aware of that when it calculated the rents.  

Five tenants combined efforts to pursue litigation against the property owner. In their lawsuit, they asserted that their rents were converted to market rates. An attorney for the plaintiffs said it is highly unlikely that the defendant was unaware that the apartments were rent-regulated. The attorney argued that it was not a mere oversight but a calculated scheme to generate illegal profits.  

The attorney stated that most landlords who purchase building units know ahead of time whether the units are or are supposed to be rent-regulated. This particular building was previously used for student housing but after Kushner Cos. purchased it, the building was converted to apartments. The 2014 purchase is said to have been for more than $14 million.  

As a result of the recent lawsuit filed against it, Kushner Cos. has since paid $100,000 to settle the claims; the attorney for the company reported that her client took immediate action to rectify the situation as soon as it was made aware of the problem. Real estate disputes often occur between Florida tenants and landlords, as well. Anyone currently facing such problems may want to meet with an experienced real estate law attorney before heading to court.                                


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