Hoping for an adjustment of status? You have options.

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When you arrived in Florida as a foreign national, you likely felt excited and nervous at the same time. You hopefully have a strong support system of family and friends on hand to help you adapt to your new life in the United States. Like most immigrants, you’ve probably faced your share of challenging situations, perhaps including the first times you had to speak English in a social setting or an issue regarding an adjustment of status.

Depending on whether you came to the United States on a temporary visa, married a U.S. citizen or sought asylum at a U.S. border, there may be several options available to help you achieve your ultimate goals, which may include permanent residency. Navigating the process to modify your status can be complicated and stressful. That’s why many immigrants seek outside support from someone who is used to handling such matters.

So many things can go wrong that could delay your application or could impede your ability to stay in the United States. However, things may also go just as you’d hoped if you understand the laws pertaining to your situation and know what to do and what not to do to avoid problems. If you have a family member who has already succeeded in adjusting his or her legal status, you may find it helpful to ask him or her for assistance.

You can also request a meeting with Cuevas, Garcia & Torres, P.A., in Florida. Our legal team is fully equipped to address adjustment of status issues, as well as all other aspects of the immigration process. By allowing an experienced attorney to advocate on your behalf, you may be able to resolve any problem that arises in the swiftest, most efficient manner possible.


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