Florida judges often intervene to resolve real estate disputes

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When Florida neighbors disagree about property lines or other issues, it often leads to rancorous disputes that are difficult to resolve. Real estate disputes can be quite complicated because the laws that govern such matters are often complex. If those directly involved are unable to achieve an amicable solution to a particular problem, they may seek the court’s intervention to make a decision for them. That’s apparently what happened in the case of Led Zeppelin rock star, Jimmy Page, and his next door neighbor, Robbie Williams.

Page, at some point, learned that his neighbor was planning to add a megabasement to his home. The new basement would feature a swimming pool and a gymnasium. Page was apparently not too keen on the idea, saying he was worried that construction would negatively affect the foundation of his own home, which happens to be a manor that was built in the 19th century.

Page and Williams were unable to come up with a fair and agreeable solution to their problem, so the matter was presented in court. The judge ruled that Williams is entitled to add on to his home. The judge also decided, however, that Page can monitor the construction; more specifically, that he can electronically monitor ground vibrations caused by the new construction.

The judge added one more facet to the decision regarding real estate disputes between Page and Williams. Williams must have his new basement dug by hand — no machinery is allowed. This reportedly upped his cost quite a bit although he still gets to do the project. Any Florida homeowner currently having difficulty resolving a property dispute may seek guidance and support from an attorney who is well-versed in the real estate laws of this state.


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