Florida woman facing foreclosure problems re home improvements

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In the past several years, Florida homeowners and others across the country have learned how dangerous it can be to not have air conditioning in times of natural disaster. If power goes out and homeowners are located in areas where climate temperatures are high, not having air conditioning can pose an immediate life-threatening hazard. One woman applied for a loan program offered in this state to help people obtain funds for home improvements such as air conditioning in order to better protect themselves from hazardous conditions during natural disasters. The problem is that this woman is now facing threat of foreclosure from the company that installed her air conditioning system.

The system works by allowing people to secure loans from approved lenders to install upgrades on their homes. Over the next 30 years, they will pay back those loans through special county-collected property taxes. The woman in question has filed a complaint with the state attorney general, saying the installation company filed a construction lien against her for more than $20,000 under false pretenses.

The woman did not pay the charge and the company has now filed a petition to force her into foreclosure. The attorney general’s office has stated that it is conducting an investigation regarding the matter, as several other homeowners have filed similar complaints. It is a complicated situation because the home improvement loan program falls under state legislation but is approved by local governments.

Any Florida homeowner facing similar foreclosure problems is free to take similar steps as the residents in these cases did. A formal complaint against a particular company may be filed. It is also helpful to discuss such problems with an experienced foreclosure law attorney who knows the ins and outs of the system and can recommend a best course of action to protect a client’s interests.


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