US immigration law officials say entries were suspicious

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The Department of Health and Human Services currently has many children under its care who arrived at borders to the United States, accompanied by adults. U.S. immigration law officials in Florida and elsewhere typically conduct background checks when adults come forward, saying they want to sponsor migrant children. Such background checks apparently didn’t end so well for more than 170 immigrants who have since been detained.

U.S. government officials say they suspect the adults in question illegally entered the country. At least one third of those now in custody reportedly have no criminal history. Most adult sponsors of migrant children are usually the children’s own parents or close relatives who already live in the United States.

Changes in protocol have allowed immigration investigators to conduct background checks, including collecting fingerprints of any adult who wishes to sponsor a child. This protocol also allows investigators to check the backgrounds of other adults who may be residing in the same home as those requesting to sponsor a child. Immigrant advocates say they are worried that these extensive measures will do little more than leave many children in government shelters or foster care situations.

Any concerned parent or adult relative of a child in Florida in need of guidance and support regarding U.S. immigration law may request a meeting with an attorney who is well-versed in the applicable laws and administrative procedures. Many immigrants are able to overcome obstacles related to their legal statuses by relying on the expertise of experienced immigration attorneys. It can also help make such situations a lot less stressful.


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