Florida man facing US immigration law problems and more

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Florida news headlines recently reported that police were searching for a the driver of a car that had allegedly fled the scene of a three-vehicle collision. A man has since been taken into custody. Police say the man is now facing criminal charges as well as U.S. immigration law problems.

The man in question is age 43 and supposedly does not have all his immigration paperwork in order. Police say it was two weeks after the multi-vehicle that they arrested him. A woman contacted deputies after seeing a photo of herself on Facebook, apparently posted by police, who wrote that she was using the debit card of the man they were searching for at the time.

It was not long after the woman contacted police that the man was taken into custody. He is now facing serious criminal charges that include driving without a license and causing bodily harm or death to another person. Sadly, one of the victims of the collision was a pregnant woman, and her unborn child did not survive the incident. He is currently residing in a county jail with no posted bond.

U.S. immigration law and criminal law often intersect. It is helpful for defendants facing such issues to seek support from a Florida attorney who has both criminal defense and immigration law experience. While issues regarding immigration legal status are addressed in a separate court from those pertaining to criminal charges, a dually experienced attorney can provide effective guidance and strong support in either situation.


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