Woman who immigrated to Florida discusses US immigration law

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2019 | U.s. Immigration Law |

A woman who emigrated alongside her mother from Colombia years ago recently spoke about headline news involving famed rapper 21 Savage. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers arrested the music star, and a massive public outcry ensued, which ultimately led to his release. The young woman said the only reason Savage’s story as an undocumented immigrant has been in the news is that he is famous, and she says tens of thousands of immigrants like herself and her mother have faced serious U.S. immigration law problems in Florida and beyond with no one to advocate for them.

The woman crossed a U.S. border when she was not yet 10 years old.  She was to stay with relatives while her mother underwent cancer treatment. They sought asylum after the child told of sexual assault she had suffered in their country of origin.

As is often the case, the woman and daughter waited years for their petition to be fully processed. The child entered high school and would accompany her mother to all required meetings regarding their adjustment of status request. Sadly, the one time she was unable to be with her mother at a meeting, officials ordered the woman’s immediate deportation.

The woman said U.S. immigration law reform is needed in Florida and elsewhere so that every person receives strong support and not just those, such as 21 Savage, whose fame and fortune helps spread the word about their cases. Any man or woman in this state who is currently facing legal status issues can request assistance from an experienced immigration law attorney. This is often the easiest way to seek advocacy when trying to overcome immigration-related problems.


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