Detention centers overcrowded in adjustment of status cases

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2019 | Adjustment Of Status |

When an immigrant arrives at a U.S. border to seek asylum, he or she is typically detained until the case can be fully processed. Such detentions are usually meant to be temporary, and many asylum seekers are later released while they await full adjudication of their cases. However, before an adjustment of status is granted, many Florida immigrants encounter serious challenges, often including severe adverse health risks, when they are placed in detention facilities that are already overcrowded.

There always seems to be controversy brewing regarding U.S. immigration policies and alleged personal rights violations that many say often occur in detention centers throughout the country. Sadly, many incidents involve children. It’s understandable why so many parents and immigrant advocates are concerned about detention housing, especially regarding rumors that the U.S. Defense Department may have plans to send children to Guantanamo Bay, a facility known for its past use as a prison for convicted terrorists. 

When an immigrant, in particular a child, is placed in detention, he or she must still be afforded proper medical care, food, a clean environment and due process of law. There have been many reports in recent months that claim medical care has been denied to some, prompting life-threatening situations in some cases. With more and more immigrants arriving at U.S. borders daily, it doesn’t appear that such problems will be eliminated overnight.

This is why so many Florida immigrant advocates continue to appeal to the U.S. government to reform its immigration policies. In the meantime, however, any family currently facing legal problems regarding adjustment of status issues may seek guidance and support from an experienced immigration and naturalization attorney. Having an experienced attorney on one’s side is often the best means for resolving even the most complex legal status problems.


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