Florida condominium complex is apparently infested with rats

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2019 | Condominiums And Cooperatives |

Florida is a prime location for family vacations, as well as those seeking permanent living residences. Those in the latter group often opt to live in a condominium complex rather than a single family home. While there may indeed be many perks to this type of property ownership, there can also be downsides, especially if disputes arise between residents and property managers.

group of apartment dwellers in Clearwater is currently upset about a troubling issue they say they have been trying to get management to deal with for nearly two months. The residents say their building has become infested with rats, which they believe may have happened during a recent roof renovation. They are upset because they have reportedly been notifying property managers about the problem for at least six weeks but most of their calls were allegedly disregarded.

One resident said that management officials have finally agreed to come take a look at the building. However, some say the gesture is too little, too late, as one elderly couple has already endured substantial property damage due the rats chewing through a water line connected to their dishwasher. The situation resulted in a flood throughout their kitchen and living room areas.

When residents in a Florida condominium complex or those living in similar arrangements in other states encounter legal problems regarding property management or home damage, it often leads to litigation. Every group-based ownership situation is unique regarding terms of contract and regulations. An experienced real estate law attorney can be a great asset to those facing difficult-to-resolve legal situations.


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