Overcoming challenges when seeking US permanent residency

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As you adapt to a new lifestyle in Florida, you may relate to many issues other immigrants have experienced in their own journeys. For instance, if you have a significant language barrier, it can be stressful to try to learn to read, write and speak English. There are several ways to obtain U.S. permanent residency status, and challenges may arise at any time during the application process, which is why it’s always a good idea to know where to seek legal support when necessary.

To get a green card, a spouse or other family member may be able to sponsor you. Many immigrants file their applications through their U.S.-based employers as well. Those who own businesses in the United States may also be able to obtain permanent residency status. A green card allows you to live and work in Florida or any other state indefinitely.

As with most immigration processes, there are exceptions to the rule. That is why it’s helpful to speak to with someone who is well-versed in current U.S. immigration law before filling out a green card application. An experienced immigration and naturalization attorney is a great asset who can provide guidance and support regarding all aspects of a legal status adjustment.

Cuevas, Garcia & Torres, P.A., can help you iron out the wrinkles of your U.S. permanent residency plan  should any obstacles arise. By scheduling a consultation, you can meet with an experienced legal team that is committed to helping you accomplish your immigration goals. Whether you’re preparing for an immigration interview in Florida or have questions regarding the green card application process, you can entrust your case to immigrant advocates who will help you resolve your problems in the most effective and economically feasible fashion possible.


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