Real estate disputes: When homeowners’ problems arise

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Many Florida residents belong to homeowners associations. It is not uncommon for real estate disputes to arise between association officials and homeowners. Such disagreements often involve disputes regarding dues or alleged mismanagement of funds.

There have been some extreme cases in the past, such as residents who faced a lawsuit for using the supposedly wrong shade of paint on their home. The situation involved a homeowner who had painted her house a color she thought similar to what it was already painted when she moved in. However, officials from her homeowners association sued her for not first seeking their approval before using the new color.

Association rules can sometimes affect personal external decor choices made by homeowners, as well. For instance, association rules might state that no one can fly a flag of any type outside their home, including the American flag. This has led to disputes between homeowners and administrators in the past. In fact, homeowners in another state were barred from doing so after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, which prompted a dispute between residents and homeowners association officials who said the rules of their development barred them from displaying such objects.

Real estate disputes of any kind, particularly those between Florida homeowners associations and homeowners, are typically more easily resolved if experienced legal guidance and support is sought. A real estate attorney can be a great asset in such situations. Such laws are often complex and it pays to have someone well-versed in all state laws governing such issues acting on one’s behalf, especially if one is entering litigation.


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