Teenager facing US immigration law and criminal law problems

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2019 | Adjustment Of Status |

Adults in Florida are not the only ones who encounter legal status problems as immigrants. Minors in this state and others can also run into U.S. immigration law problems sometimes. In fact, a 16-year-old in another state is not only facing issues regarding a scheduled deportation but is now facing criminal charges in connection with a car accident as well.

Officials say the teenager was denied asylum and removal proceedings had begun. He was involved in a motor vehicle collision that resulted in a fatality. Police say he left the scene of the accident without permission. 

The way current immigration law works, if the court grants this young man a bond, he will immediately be deported whether or not he has the financial means to pay the bond amount. Prosecutors assigned to the case have requested that bond be denied. As in many similar situations in the past where defendants have had significant language barriers, the minor in this case is receiving specialized support from a Spanish-speaking attorney.

If the court continues to deny bond, it will prevent deportation and the teenager will remain in the United States, at least until his criminal case has been fully adjudicated. When U.S. immigration law and Florida criminal law intersect, things can get complicated. An experienced attorney acts as a personal advocate to try to help mitigate a defendant’s circumstances. If possible, it helps to connect with an attorney who is well-versed in immigration law but also has criminal defense experience.


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