US immigration law officials report another detention death

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2019 | U.s. Immigration Law |

In Florida and elsewhere, concern is growing about the number of people dying in detention centers. U.S. immigration law officers recently reported that a detainee had previously reported flu symptoms and was placed under medical observation on April 1, though it is not clear what that entailed. Two days later, he was discovered unresponsive and not breathing. Attempts were made to revive the man, but he was declared dead about a half hour later.

The man’s death was supposedly the fourth fatality reported in U.S. detention centers since last October. Two of them were children. An Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesperson said every immigrant who is taken into custody is given medical, dental and mental health examinations within 12 hours of being detained.

The ICE representative also stated that immigrants have 24/7 access to emergency medical care. Nevertheless, there are numerous reports of detainees being denied medical care. Autopsy results on the 54-year old man were said to be pending.

When U.S. immigration law officers take anyone into custody in Florida or another state, they must provide a clean environment, food and drink, as well as access to medical care, as needed. Anyone currently facing legal complications regarding detention or any other immigration issue can reach out for support by requesting a meeting with an immigration law attorney. If a civil rights violation has taken place in or out of a detention facility, an experienced attorney knows how to determine a best course of action to address the problem in court.


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